Product Reviews

In this section I will detail some of the products I have either used directly on my car. Most of these products perform very well, because I spent a considerable amount of time researching what others have liked on their cars.

Let me know if you would like further details on the installation or performance of a specific product.

Product Name Review Notes Rating Image Link
Billet Tail Light Covers The Billet Tail Light Bezels are a very quick and easy way to change the external appearance of you Mustang. I decided to go with billet ones, because I like the styling and look much better than the stock bezels. The ones I bought can be found here but can be purchased through a number of other Mustang parts vendors including Mustangs Plus. I got mine at a really good price off eBay. There are other slight variations of this billet bezel, and also matching billet gas caps to complete the look.

For 10-minutes it really changes the look of the rear of the car. I included it on the site primarily because I get alot of compliments on them and people asking where I got them (I guess alot of Mustang enthusiasts are not all over the web like I am).
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