Internet Resources

I am pretty much a do-it-yourselfer. I came from a family of them, so I guess I really didn't have much of a choice. When I got my car one of the main reasons why I purchased it was to have something to tool on in my spare time. I had worked on cars quite a bit, but there was plenty to learn. When I had my first car my primary resource for information was either my dad or my friends. Now with the Internet there is more information about Mustangs and other automotive topics. Additionally, I have purchased a number of books. The great thing about automotive books is that the "How-To" books are incredibly cheap on I have loaded up on a number of books for this reason. This page provides a number of part stores, websites, and books that have been a huge help for me.


  • - Summit has a huge inventory of parts and they generally have very competitive prices. I have never had any issues with anything I have ordered from Summit.
  • - They carry probably the largest variety of restomod parts for classic Mustangs. They really took care of me when I had a minor order issues, and so I have nothing but great things to say about them.
  • CJ Pony - I have ordered from these guys a few times, because they have some really exceptional deals on certain things. Highly recommended for ordering classic Mustang parts.


  • - This is a probably one of my favorite resources, because they have regular articles as well as forums and classifieds. Even though parts of this site is subscription based, there is a huge amount of great information available for non-subscribers. It is free to list your parts here.
  • - This is a great Mustang information site. There is technical info, classifieds, and alot of restomod parts made and sold by Steve. It is free to list your parts here.
  • Vintage Mustang Forum - This is the best forum for Vintage Mustang information that I have found. There are a number of very knowledgable and helpful people that have deep knowledge of restoring/modifying Mustangs.
  • JamesW's Mustang Site - Lots of good technical information here. I used the Granada swap info extensively, but there is a ton of great information here.


  • How to Build and Power Tune Holley Carburetors - If you have a Holley Carb, and are not a Holley expert, get this book. This is the most expensive book that I have purchased, but as much as I have gotten out of it I would pay considerably more. It has details (and great quality pictures) of the various parts that make up a Holley carb, and it has extensive details about how to tune the carb (chapters for tuning the primaries and secondaries separately). This is the one area where I have not found any great resources on the net, so for the most part I have solely relied on this book when I need help.
  • How to Build Ford Restomod Street Machines - This is a great reference that covers various modifications and provides ideas of things that are available on the market for your car. It covers everything from suspension, frame modifications, brakes, engine, transmission swaps, body mods, electrical, interior, etc.
  • How to Build Big-Inch Ford Small Blocks - This is a good book that covers stroking small block Fords. The book covers a number of kits that are available for various applications, and then provides details of builds using specific kits to build 331; 347; 408; etc engines. This is a really good and cheap reference if you are interested in building a stroker.
  • How to Build Supercharged & Turbocharged Small-Block Fords - Everything you wanted to know about superchargers and turbo's for various small block Ford applications. This book provides information about the various options in forced induction, and then covers installs varying from a Paxton on a 289 to a Paxton on a 4.6 GT.
  • Mustang Restoration Handbook - This book covers restoing 1965-1970 Mustangs in 171 pages. As you might expect it is kinda light on great detail and doesn't have all the pictures that I wish it did, but I have gotten my $13.57 out of this book many times over. This book includes most of the standard Mustang diagrams (like electrical, various linkage hookups, etc). Some of these diagrams are small so you may need to find better versions on the net.
  • Automotive Electrical Handbook - As the title reads this book covers the topic automotive electrical systems inside and out. If you are like me, and the previous owner of the car let the electrical system go (or jacked it up pretty good), then I would suggest that you get this book to learn as much as you can about electrical systems.